What we stand for

We are totally funded by donations, and our capabilities and access to resources to help the needy, we do not believe in wasting resources, we believe in using and co-ordinating with other Non Profits to achieve all our goals, that is the reason we do not need your statement of income or financial data to access our resources, we believe in the best of mankind not to waste resources.

Before the implementation of the Universal Basic Income in about 3 years time, there is a critical need for basic roof over your head, food and groceries with basic healthcare that is now out of reach even for a rich nation like Singapore as there are no statistics to reflect the poor and the needy. If Singapore is bad what about the other nations of the world? We will scale up our operations progressively to cater to all these needs, where our group of companies and technologies will grow and provide fundings for all.

God has given me a vision and has told me many things yet to come, so far God has never failed me, and accordingly after August 2020 this charity will be setup to achieve all of God’s plans. God’s will will be done according to God’s timing using God’s resources.