Supported Non Profit Organisations

Supported Non Profit Organisations :

Elim Church AOG(Singapore) ( :

Discover Ministries ( Building Fund

John Hagee Ministries ( Kingdom) Email :

Willing Hearts( Email :

via Internet Transfer – Bank Code: 7375 (UOB); Branch Code: 437 (Tiong Bahru Branch) A/C No: 393 300 1804; Swift Code for overseas remittance: uovbsgsg

Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital( Email :

Ren Ci Hospital( Email :

Salvation Army(  Email :

MacDonald’s Charities( Email :

AWWA( Email

United Nations IMF/World Bank

I have selected all these Non Profits to help with a purpose in mind, to solve Hunger – Willing Hearts, Homelesses – MacDonald’s Charities, Women and Children – AWWA, The Seniors and Aged – Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and Ren Ci Hospital, Green Movement – Salavation Army. The rest will be churches worldwide starting with Elim Church(Singapore), Discover Ministries(Australia), John Hagee Ministries(UK). I will scale up my operations when I reached my goals and get real money for everybody and solving problems. Lastly to fund United Nations/World Bank with my 2 inventions.