Critical need to fund local charities for Free Food and Soup Kitchen including groceries for those affected by the crisis especially the unemployed all over the world

Before the introduction of the Universal Basic Income, this crisis is immediate and cannot wait until then, many need to be supported with Free Food and groceries to survive until they get a job, especially the poor and the vulnerable, governments throwing billions is only temporary, you will only get 1 or 2 payments and the government cannot do anything more, this is a semi-permanent solution that will take from 1 to 2 years before the introduction of the Universal Basic Income, and it is critical to support jobs and businesses, no point when it is too late, when all the people cannot survive.

I will talk to IMF/World Bank to establish a temporary fund for all local charities to support them in this endeavor, it is semi-permanent and should not last more than 2 years, and a sufficient budget will be established, it will bypass all governments and be directly paid into Charities and Non Profits, too much nonsense has been going on without aid going into the hands of the poor and needy. The United Nations China will administer this fund, and I will help them pay for everything. There is nothing changed in God’s plans, UN China still has access to all my technologies and only they can patent everything, only one condition changed, now US Trump has to beg President Xi to write off it’s entire debts and give up nuclear and give up it’s position in the UN, everybody bullies me but nobody dares to bully China.

Fight Food waste. Supermarkets and producers should donate their excess capacities and food unsold to Food Bank, Soup Kitchen and the poor and needy as millions have lost their jobs and cannot afford the basic necessity of keeping their stomach from hunger. During this critical times a famine might also occur in certain parts of the world, please think of others and their basic human rights to not to starve from hunger.

Contributed by Oogle.   

Warning : If God allow the Tribulation, it will be the worst 3 and 1/2 years of human history, 99% of all christians will not make it if you are not prepared

1) And everything is about money, hundreds of devil will rob and steal every single cent you have, and nothing will be secured, because of money your family will betray you.

2) Every single path I take, every christians will follow the same path, if you are not prepared, it will be the worst time in your life. everything you will be denied, your home will be robbed and taken over, no food, no drinks, do not even think anyone will come to your rescue because everyone will face the same issue.

3) If I do not prepare every christian, 99% will fail miserably, because they will try to use technology to control you, every single thoughts in your head will be messed up, only by Faith and a relationship with God will you overcome, it is using 5G networks to broadcast sublimal messages 24/7 365 days a year and even in your sleep, nobody is immune because it is everywhere.

4) Because of a lockdown by the devil, what you see of the effects of the corona virus is tame, nobody can buy and sell and only the devil has business because everyone is under his control, the government, the police and the military so effectively there will be no resistance.

5) If God allows it, there will be an escape route and I am preparing everyone for it, christians or non-christians, because his main targets are christians, his wrath will be great when he knows his time is almost up, others he will force everyone to worship him and the mark of the beast.

6) The devil will try all kinds of technologies to ID and control you, but he will not succeed because his time is very short, resist and I will teach you all the methods to bypass it.

7) If God allows it, He is in control, so He is forcing all the evildoers to accept his Love and His fellowship, so have no fear, you will not be tested beyond what you can bear.

8) Never let the AntiChrist gets his hands on nuclear or he will destroy the entire world with it, 90% of the entire population of earth will die, and the balance all suffer radiation poisoning, you will be a mutant by then if you survive.

No change of plans – Vision 2020 The expansion of Elim Church AOG

Vision 2020 The expansion of Elim Church AOG with a new building and I will raise the first S$100K before end 2020

 “A Smart and Green Building with AI and Automation that provides a temporary shelter to caters to the homeless and distressed caused by family issues with a small unmanned minimart and an automated dining/cook area”.

And how am I going to achieve everything? By training everybody in the Gig economy. For me to move forward, everybody needs to move forward with me. There are millions of new jobs everywhere, from IT, developers, software programmers, support staff, digital marketers, traders, content providers, every single course I went thru is listed for free and available if you are a Patreon, or $10 a month if you are not. If you need to be certified for your skills, then chose an online course at, it will not cost much and learning is as easy as watching a video.

I cam capable to provide free training for Elim Church AOG for it’s members first even providing all my technical support and equipment for live broadcasting to broadcast it’s services on social media, and train all the necessary staff to provide free/subsidised support services to other churches and non profits to attract the public and donations.

There are hundreds of ways I can achieve all my goals. You will see all the action after March 2020. Do not expect everything to be done overnight, but all will be completed by end 2020.

1) Provide free food for those above 55 at Bendemeer Food Centre under Elim Church AOG.

2) Solve Willing Heart’s food delivery issue to feed the poor by using GrabFood/Taxi drivers.

3) Help Salvation Army Red Industries to train volunteers to do donated PC repairs.

4) Donate food and groceries and necessities to Ren Ci Homes, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital for the Aged by buying from Sheng Siong supermart.

5) Sponsor an app for HWWA for the disabled to get around in public transport,  MRT, buses and book a transport for disabled taxi, location of public toilets etc.

The Bread of Life Organisation (We will first fund free food for those 55 and above) – Execution Stage will complete by June 2020. We do not have the resources to set up a chain of restuarants yet, but we can support giving free food for those 55 years and above, and we pay hawkers $3 a meal and will slowly expand out network.

We do not discriminate against race or religion, even if you are below 55 years and you need a free meal just ask, but for accounting purposes we need to submit your records (IC number and Name, no other details will be asked) to the Government of Charities that this is real and not fake.

Objectives; Setup a chain of restuarants serving basic local dishes for paying customers and at the same time, the primary objective is to feed the sick and needy, creating a social buffer for the poor, funded solely by donations. When this is successful, will work with local supermarkets to provide low cost/free vouchers for fresh food and groceries for the old, sick and needy. Will also work with healthcare organisations to provide free/cheap healthcare monitoring – Heartbeat, Blood sugar, ECG, Blood pressure (Telemedicine/Smart watches/Smartphones – we subsidise IT equipments) at home/in clinics/hospitals for the needy.

PS I will use non-invasive sensors for Heartbeat, Blood pressure and the Alkalinity of your saliva together with Algorithms to determine your Blood sugar with 90% accuracy. With AI and ML and Big data, I can get 100% accuracy.

Location ; Startup in Singapore, then create a chain store concept which can be franchised out to interested parties, but primary social work funded by the Foundation. Next China, then other third world countries, in major cities around the world, working with local authorities and government. 

Message ; To spread the “New Economy” concept, self help group to solve local problems themselves, and the right of every human being to given a free meal and not go hungry, and the will to get everyone out of the poverty cycle. 

Publicity ; To complete a book on “The New Economy-The Perfect Economy” and spread the “New Economy” concept, and get everyone in every country out of the poverty cycle. 

Donations ; Funded solely by donations to be raised by contributions from individuals, corporations and government. If need arises, will trade solving problems for others for donations and contributions. 

Targeted individuals for aid ; Work with local authorities, christian organisations, hospitals, prison self help groups, and economic relief organisations. 

Work concepts ; Branches to situated near MRTs or high traffic yield, or in city area where transport is easily accessable by the masses. Each branch will ideally have a basic van to provide distribution of food/grocery to the homes of the old, sick and needy. If successful this concept will also help revive the local economy by creating demand for food, vegetables, grocery and also work for the unemployed. Very heavy responsibilty as the amount of resources will be very great, so proper planning and controls must be in place, with the support and contributions of local government, should only break even. The idea is to provide self help in times of need, not a permanent solution or a lifelong one, until the individual is able to get up on their feet to be economically viable again. Access to aid will be distributed by coupons. 

Ideals : “No one will help you unless you help yourselves.” This is intended to be a buffer for the needy in times of need, and other messages and working with other self help groups to teach about “Green concepts”, “Aids prevention”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and “Antiwar, antinuclear” ideals, with work with other voluntary organisations. 

Accounting and Control ; Each branch must have a computer, broadband connections with a simple POS keyboard to key in daily sales, coupons used which will be sent back to main branch Accounts Dept for reporting and budgeting & controls, which must not fall into deficit. If proper controls are exercised, I am confident there shouldn’t be any problem in Singapore but China is going to be a big headache, but I am sure there are ways to walk around this problem. 

Others ; The franchise restuarant can also sell drinks, but I would rather not support one that serve alcohol or cigerettes. Different countries, there will be different concepts, to cater to the local taste and demand. 

Please sent all proposals to ;